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Jason Duane Alexander

July 2, 1974 ~ July 24, 2013

Jason Duane Alexander was born in Sasebo, Japan on July 2, 1974.  At 6 weeks old, his military family was transferred to San Diego, California where he lived for 6 years. Moving on to the East Coast, he attended Elementary, Middle, High School, and graduated from NOVA Community College in Woodbridge, Virginia.  He worked for ATCC Headquarters in Manassas, Virginia, a bioproduction and resource facility for the worldwide research community, for over 15 years.


Jason looked up to his older brother Brian, and his pet ferrets were his “babies”.  He was a BIG fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Orioles. Jason enjoyed playing his guitar, and enjoyed a variety of music genres, but Heavy Metal music was his love.  His yearly excursions on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise were something he eagerly looked forward to. Being an avid reader, he enjoyed Biographies, and Autobiographies.  A Star Wars fanatic since his early childhood also made him a true collector.

July 24, 2013 was a day that no parent ever wants to live through.  He went to a concert with friends, never to return home.  Unbeknownst to him or his family, he had an enlarged heart and succumbed to Hypertensive & Valvular Cardiovascular Disease three weeks after celebrating his 39th birthday.

Not a day goes by without a thought of him, or a tear here and there…we will always remember the many wonderful memories he left us with.  Our love for him will NEVER die!  Even though our lives will never be the same, his spirit lives on in our hearts.

Not one to smile much, when he did, people always told him he had a “Million Dollar Smile”.  Jason left behind his parents Mary and Neil, and his older brother Brian Scott Alexander to cherish his memories.


July 27, 1970 ~ January 2, 2001



August 2, 1975 ~ January 2, 2001


Robert was born on July 27,1970 at 9:46 pm at the Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, California to Clayton and Louise Finch.  Clayton and Louise loved him with their heart and soul and would do anything for their big bouncing baby boy who weighed 9lbs 61/2oz and was 22 inches long. Robert was a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. My friends always said he had 'bedroom eyes."  Robert was our first and only son. Robert was the big brother to Jennifer now 39 and Jeanine 30.





I met Dana Thrall when she moved across the street from us, one day when we were sitting on her step she said to me, who is that cute guy?? That was Robert, my son. From that day on Dana was part of the family. I watched her boys for 4 years, Dana and the boys did a lot with us, shopping my first time at KOHL'S, hanging out, breakfast on Saturday mornings, Starbucks sometimes when she picked up the boys, Holidays, and Bass Lake in Michigan. She finally moved into her dream townhouse. 


As a teenager Robert attended Gar-field HS as did Jennifer and Jeanine. School was never challenging for Robert, he was very bored. Robert was handsome, funny, loving, friendly, and a "try to do anything" kind of person. In HS he worked at Shoney's, Denny's, and construction, after HS he worked in the Garden Department at Home Depot.  He loved working with the plants and landscaping. One Mother's Day he made me a vegetable garden. Robert started his own business putting house hold items, grills and patio furniture together for Home Depot, Lowes, and individuals. Robert liked to play the guitar, photography, swimming, the pumpkin patch and walking around on Halloween with his children and the 4th of July fireworks, flying kites, sailing, riding his motorcycle and water skiing, Robert loved his children more than anything in the world, he would do anything for them and so much more.  The best  memory I have is the last two summers at Bass Lake,Mi with Robert and his 2 children, Dana and her two boys, my daughter Jen and her two girls, Jeanine ,Clay and I. Robert had been in a 5 year custody battle with his ex girlfriend, the final court date was January 5,2001 and Robert and Dana were murdered January 2, 2001. 

Emily Anne “Tabor” McMullen

January 26, 1984 ~ August 31, 2012



Emily Anne McMullen was born on January 26, 1984 in Huntington, WV, the daughter of Julianne and Dwain McMullen.  She has two older brothers, Bradley and Kevin.  We lived in Chesapeake, Ohio until Emily was four years old, and then we moved to Woodbridge, VA. 

Emily had some special needs, but she struggled to be normal.  Many of her issues were not visible or readily apparent to others, but her actions portrayed a special child of God.  She often would not talk to people, but may choose to write notes or sign.  Some of her friends and most of her teachers had never heard her talk.  She had become an avid drummer, enjoying the drum kit, the djembe, congas and bongos.  Drumming had become her way of expressing herself.  If you know a drummer, then you know that they drum on everything!  She wanted to legally change her name to Tabor, which means ‘Drummer’. 

She was usually shy and reserved, but would smile in recognition of a hello.  She had a great sense of humor, and often loved to tease, but only close friends.  (She was usually afraid that she would offend someone.)  She often said funny things, and we wish now that we had written those things down.  


She was a rule follower and had a strong sense of justice.  She had a huge heart and was very generous.  She could be dramatic.  She could be insistent.  She was creative.  She had become nocturnal.  She was ready to take driving lessons.  But change was difficult.

She loved board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles, going to movies, going to concerts (especially Dave Matthews Band) arcades, extreme bowling and playing Wii.  She could be fiercely competitive. She disliked most country music.  She didn’t like saltwater or the sandy beach. She loved teaming on Chrysalis.  She had developed an interest in bead making.  She wanted to be independent.  She loved little kids.  She loved going to Kings Dominion and to Dave & Busters.  She was fascinated with Abraham Lincoln, coaxing her mother to take her on a bus trip to Lincoln’s boyhood home in Illinois, and on the Booth Escape Route tour through DC, Maryland and Virginia.   She had a special bond with her Boston Terrier named ‘Angel’. 

Emily died from an asthma attack on August 31, 2012.  She became a bone and tissue donor.  We miss her dearly!!


February 4, 1985 ~ June 3, 2001


Christian was born on February 4, 1985 at Fort Lewis, WA, the second of three boys, born to Kelly and Jodi Norman.


Being a part of a military family, Christian lived in many places in his short 16 years.  In addition to Fort Lewis, WA twice, he also lived in Jacksonville, AL; Seoul and Pusan Korea; Monterey, CA;  Metairie, LA; Moorhead, MN; Fort Belvoir, VA and Woodbridge, VA.  At the time of his death, Christian was a student at Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA.  Christian was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 18 months and was in a class for Special Needs Student.   Christian was high functioning and loved to draw, play video games, loved action figures - Transformers and Power Rangers being his favorites! Christian loved pizza and Chuck E Cheese was his favorite place to go!


When Christian was 6 years old, and we lived in Metairie, LA, he was hit by a car and broke both his femurs.  A couple years later, Christian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which they said was caused by the trauma of his accident.


In May 2001, Christian had a seizure, the first one he had ever had and fell down the basement steps.  It is believed that Christian hit his head and 2 weeks later on June 3, 2001, Christian died from Cerebral Edema (swelling of his brain).



Christian is survived by his parents, Kelly and Jodi Norman and two brothers, Joshua and Jacob.  Christian is buried at Quantico National Cemetary, Triangle, VA.


March 30, 1985 ~ September 22, 2007


Graham was our second child, and only son.  He was born in Seoul, South Korea, while we were stationed there with the Army.  Graham never minded moving, and made 9 different moves with us.  We moved to Woodbridge, Virginia, during the summer before his junior year of high school and he attended Woodbridge High School, graduating in 2004.  While he was there he designed the logo for the Woodbridge High School Center for the Performing Arts.  He was a gifted artist and intelligent young man.  He received several scholarships and was a Graphic Design major at Virginia Commonwealth University.  The summer before he died he was the graphic design intern with the Free Lance-Star newspaper in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  During his senior year at VCU he died in a freak accident.


Graham was so handsome and had a beautiful smile and  a quirky sense of humor. He loved his family and we loved him.

He had many friends who all say what a big impact he had on their lives.  We treasure every moment that we had with him, and miss him more than words can ever say.  He filled our world with adventure and joy.  His passing has left a hole that can never be filled.  We love you Graham.  Love Never Ends!  We have a memorial site for Graham at



June 14, 1984 ~ June 30, 2003

TJ Wonnum III, loved life and adored his family. As a rising sophomore in college his dream was to graduate with a degree in Sports Medicine. Tommie was/is kind and considerate and cared about people. He was a leader who cherished and looked up to his brother, and cherished his family. He was an “old soul” who could relate to the elderly, younger children and loved all kinds of sports. It was amazing to hear about all the people he helped and provided great advice too. He was a leader and a man amongst men. He loved to discuss politics and his view of the world was on a very deep level well above his 19 years and 2 weeks here on earth. He celebrated and enjoyed life and knew he made an impact. We miss our baby, nephew, cousin, brother, son and friend. It has been difficult not having you here with us,  but we know our Angel TJ continues to bless us in wonderful ways. TJ loved life and everyone who had the joy of meeting him shared the joy!  Loosing TJ feels like an amputation of our soul, his legacy lives on through a memorial scholarship in his name.  

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This site is maintained by Jodi Norman, in memory of her son, Christian Paul Norman

This website is dedicated to the memory of all the children of Northern Virginia who died too soon.

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